Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's ThinStick Testimonial

Written to JJ Virgin regarding Metabolic's product, ThinStick...


I have often wondered how when thin people had tempting food placed in front of them, they couldn't eat it unless they were hungry. I have no problem eating at any time, anywhere, providing it is something that I like.

I had eaten a late breakfast and was meeting a friend to see a movie at 1 pm and I didn't want to watch a movie and listen to my stomach growl, so I mixed a thin stick in milk and went on my merry way. My friend is one of those really thin people with an over-active thyroid, so she can eat all the time and not worry about her weight. She had a large soda and popcorn, which I normally would have been tempted to share. (This theatre has an assortment of flavors to sprinkle on your popcorn!)

I not only was not hungry, I actually felt that I absolutely did not want to eat. It wasn't like when you eat too much and you are so stuffed that you can't eat, I was very comfortable but had no desire to eat. Amazing!

Later in the day, I was hungry enough to eat but was able to control what and how much I ate. After using ThinSticks for 3 days, I have lost 2 pounds. I definitely like this product!!

- Janet Bollinger

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