Thursday, December 3, 2009

End 2009 Healthy with these 4 tips

Great Health Tips from: JJ Virgin, CNS

End 2009 healthy and Start 2010 healthy  
  • Introduce a new veggie into your life each week. Make this fun as you stand in the fresh produce aisle of your supermarket. Choose something that looks intriguing and then find a healthy way to make it. You can't go wrong by steaming veggies or stir frying them in a bit of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). If you're a parent, teach your children that veggies make us strong and help us have great energy. Remind them that veggies also help them grow. If your child is making that twisted, this-veggie-will-make-me-pass-out face then ask them to eat three bites before deciding if it's good or yucky. I love to add Italian spices to veggies and you can even sprinkle a bit of cheese on top with marinara sauce to disguise the veggies for your kids.
  • Make sure, especially during this hectic season, to keep some 911 emergency healthy foods on you for snacks. You won't be tempted to eat that piece of gummy shopping mall pizza if you're armed with better choices that are easy to carry. Bring nuts, veggies and an apple with you for 911 moments. These are also great for long car rides and for plane trips. If you have a snack at the ready, you will avoid fast food stops or quick snack foods that are almost always just a carb bomb. Remember that you don't really need to snack. If you eat three good meals each day you will be satiated full and have great energy. You won't even want that snack. Do remember to add protein and high fiber foods (veggies, legumes, nuts and berries top that list) to each meal because they will keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Remember that Julia Roberts film “Sleeping with the Enemy?” Well, I refuse to sleep in the same house with the enemy. This means that I don't play eating roulette with myself and keep my favorite chocolate or ice cream in the house. Once in awhile, if I have a yen for it then I'll just go out for a treat. I'm not a big believer in this idea that your will power will win out over those Famous Amos cookies in the cabinet. Famous Amos isn't going to be living with you anymore. By the way, when you have this occasional treat have a mini-sized portion or three bites of it. I promise you will get the taste and feel satisfied without over-doing it.
  • Finally, making small, conscious choices as 2009 winds to an end is a great way to mentally get ready for additional lateral shifts we'll make in 2010. Be proud of each change you make because it's a wonderful accomplishment. It's also the best gift you can give yourself.

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