Thursday, February 10, 2011

Statistical Results of ThinStick Studies

Reported in International Journal of Obesity (2000, 2006) and European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2001)

The ingredients in ThinStick™ have been researched in four robust scientific studies conducted in Europe and published in medical journals. These studies have shown the following.

ThinStick™ has an immediate effect. Four and eight hours after consuming ThinStick™:

  • Subjects reported feeling 30% less hungry
  • Subjects reported a 25% reduction in their desire to eat and 16% reduction in preoccupation with or thoughts of food.
  • Women who took ThinStick™ (with yogurt) at breakfast consumed 25-34% less food at subsequent meals, with no compensatory eating for a full 24 hours.

ThinStick is an excellent tool for maintaining weight loss.
Study participants completed 8 weeks of a weight loss regimen, then 4 months of weight maintenance. Those who took ThinStick daily during the weight maintenance phase experienced no significant weight gain! In the same 4-month period, control participants (who did not take ThinStick™) gained back 50% of the weight lost.

After 25 weeks of taking ThinStick™, participants reported a reduction in overall feelings of hunger.

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