Saturday, February 5, 2011

I was amazed to discover that I wasn't hungry

“At the Institute for Functional Medicine Symposium, I stopped by the Metabolic Maintenance Products booth and was introduced to their new product, ThinStick. As a formerly obese person I am always interested in, yet skeptical of, any kind of "quick fix" when it comes to products for weight loss or weight maintenance. Given the science behind the ingredients in their ThinStick product, I  hesitatingly tried the powder and was pleasantly surprised to find it mixed well with water and had almost no taste, then went on with my day.

“Five hours later at a special dinner, I was amazed to discover that I wasn't hungry and wasn't tempted by anything available. I feel ThinStick may be a viable tool to support satiety, assist with portion control, and help manage the food part of a weight loss program.”

 - Paula Mendelsohn - Registered Dietitian

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