Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Loose Weight

Be More Active + Eat Less = Loose Weight

Oh, so that's how you do it!?!?!  Don't we already know that? We also know small steps we can take to be more active like using the stairs, parking further from work, going on walks or to the gym, etc... But don't you ever notice when you do these things that require more energy, you feel more hungry?!?! That doesn't help much for the whole weight loss equation...

Ok, so I'm more hungry because I had a pretty intense work out this morning... Well, I guess I could make smarter food choices like having an apple with almond butter instead of a bag of chips or granola bar. That was an easy switch and I feel pretty good about it! But, come lunch time I am still super hungry. Now what do I do?

Dun-dada-Duuuhh! Here's where ThinStick™ comes in!!

Finding ways to integrate ThinStick into your meals like having a ThinStick™ Shake for breakfast  or adding a ThinStick packet to your morning beverage can help you feel more satisfied throughout the morning. This, in turn, will help you to snack less... Come lunch time (you can't believe it's already lunch time because your stomach isn't even grumbling) you are less tempeted by quick and easy junk food and are able to make another smart food selection. Plus, you have just browsed our blog so you can think of several ways to integrate ThinStick™ into your lunch! Today, you didn't feel like a shake so you made a delicious Orange-Creme fruit dip using a ThinStick™ packet instead.

Flash forward and you can't believe it's already time to eat dinner, you're not even hungry! Regardless, you know you need to get your body some much needed nutrition so you fix up a very healthy dinner with lots of fresh vegetables and lean proteins. You are so proud of yourself for going through the day without caving into to many of the body sabotaging snacks that usually tempt you until you can't resist. You even went to bed without your ritual bedtime snack!

Tomorrow, you are thinking about adding a little more exercise into your routine!

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