Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Foods That Should be Blown Off in the New Year

Of course, you're of the mindset that THIS is finally the year that your four food groups aren't sugar, white flour, greasy takeout and anything that hosts pepperoni. I'm proud of you for making some solid choices in the new year to toss out the cookies, candy, cakes and muffins. Thrilled describes how I feel that you're going to avoid the obvious bad fast foods and limit your pizza intake.
But there are still sneaky "supposed health foods" that will trick you into thinking they're good for you. I want you to also blow these guys off for good.
"Health" Foods That You Will Kiss Off in 2010:
  • Light Yogurt. Yogurt plus artificial sweeteners does not equal good health. Plus regular yogurt is a carb bomb and the sweet taste just leaves you craving more sweet. Lateral shift: Greek yogurt.
  • Soymilk. You get a load of sugar AND a cupful of potential negative effects from soy including lowered thyroid function. Soy is one of the top genetically modified crops, bred so that it can withstand the effects of Roundup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t kill the plant but it soaks right up into it which means you get some too. Lateral Shift: Heart healthy coconut milk.
  • Flavored Power Waters. The power is really a blood sugar spike because these drinks are sugar, sugar and more sugar OR if you are getting the “light” version - artificial sweeteners… Lateral Shift: Sparkling water with some Emergen-C.
  • Energy Bars. Sugar, artificial flavorings, soy protein….check the label and see if you can pronounce much of what are in these….They are adult candy bars. Lateral Shift: Try a piece of fresh fruit OR better yet skip it altogether because you don't need this high cal snack or any snack if you're eating three great meals a day.
  • Lowfat Muffins. It's just an adult version of cake. Many supposed healthy muffins that call themselves banana bran whatever are just 500 calorie, sugar-packed carb bombs. Lateral Shift: 2 poached eggs and steel cut oatmeal.
  • No Sugar Added Jam. Remember that no sugar added means that there is already sugar from the fruit and then more added by concentrating that fruit, but they're just not dumping in table sugar. Lateral shift: spread a little almond butter on your toast and top with apple slices.
  • Cereal and Milk. A total carb bomb that sets you up for mid-morning blood sugar blues. Lateral Shift: Try not eating breakfast for breakfast. You can take your protein from last night plus leftover grilled veggies and make a delish wrap. That should definitely satisfy you until lunch.
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