Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Plan ThinStick into your day: What time of day do you normally get hungry? Is it mid-morning? Drink a beverage mixed with ThinStick about an hour before the clock strikes your hunger time. Put it on your calendar or in your Blackberry for the same time every day so you’re prepared. See how surprised you are when 1:30 p.m. rolls around and you not only did not get hungry mid-morning, but you’re not even ready for lunch!

On the go: Instead of wishing you’d brought some ThinStick along, put a week’s worth in your purse or backpack every Sunday night. You’ll be ready for a craving-free week!

Frothy fun: For the smoothest drink, use one of those little coffee frothers in your glass, or a cocktail shaker. Your ThinStick break will be frothier than ever.

Sustained slimming: ThinStick works best when used twice a day. If you drink a Thinstick Shake with breakfast and before lunch, you’ll notice you’re free of the usual between-meal hunger and you’ll eat less at meals without feeling deprived.

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