Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Simple Strategies for Great Skin

Here are 5 simple strategies to make your friends ask “What have you been doing?”

It is more than you are what you eat -  you also wear what you eat…. all over your face! One of the quickest way to look like you’ve been to the spa or a quick quiet trip to the plastic surgeon is to improve your diet. Yep, not only will you lose fat and improve your energy, a great benefit that you may not have thought about is the dramatic improvement to your complexion!
  1. Be Well Hydrated. This is more than drinking your 8 -12 glasses of pure spring water each day. This also means that you are eating and supplementing with high quality essential fatty acids including raw nuts and seeds, avocados, olive oil and wild cold water fish, and that you are maintaining good acid-alkaline balance by eating non starchy veggies and/or low glycemic fruit with each meal.
  2. Detoxify Daily. You need to cleanse from the inside out as well. Your skin is one of your major detoxifying organs so support this process with dry brushing before you get into the shower, taking an epsoms salts/baking soda bath several times a week, eating 5 or more servings from the rainbow of organic fruits and vegetables, pumping up your fiber intake to 50 or more grams per day and sweating through saunas and exercise.
  3. Reduce Glycation. Glycation is the process where sugars bind to proteins without the need for enzymes. This process shows on your skin in the form of brown “age” spots and wrinkles and internally through inflammation.  Cut out the refined carbohydrates and sugars which are incredibly aging to your skin and your body. Retrain your taste buds to appreciate the sweetness of a crisp Fuji apple or some juicy wild Maine blueberries.
  4. Reduce Inflammation. All disease starts with inflammation. You can modulate the inflammation in your body through the fats that you consume. Fats high in arachadonic acid including red meat, eggs and corn are pro-inflammatory and need to be balanced with anti-inflammatory fats including fish oils, GLA (from evening primrose oil or borage oil), raw nuts and seeds and olive oil.  These healthy fats, especially GLA, also help maintain good moisture in your skin.
  5. Reduce Oxidative Stress. When you cut an apple and expose it to air it oxidizes or turns brown. This same process is happening within your body with each breath you take. When you eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and take a combination antioxidant formula with some of the powerhouse nutrients including lipoic acid, green tea, grapeseed extract and curcumin you will reduce this oxidative stress and also reduce overall inflammation. If you aren’t getting in your 5-10 servings of organic veggies each day be sure to include a high quality green drink in your health regimen.
The Take Away for great skin? Spend as much time, money and effort on what you put on the inside as what you are doing for the outside and the results will be exponentially beautiful!

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