Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stick Together This Holiday Season

If you are one to celebrate the holidays, you know they are just around the corner. You also are aware, more treats then you know what to do with, are heading your way quickly. This holiday season get together with your friends and challenge one another to get fit. We all know how to eat right and exercise but doing it in a group can be motivating and fun! Exchange health tips, recipes, etc. Receive a BMI test, calculate your weight and inches from the start. Keep track through out the challenge to see if you've lost weight, inches, or your BMI changed.

      Challenge Sample:
  • Exercise 4x a week/ 1 hr a day  
  • 2 days/Cardio 2 days/Strength Training
  • Eat a healthy breakfast within 60-90 minutes of waking up each day (ThinStick Shake)
  • Eat small dessert only 2x/week (eat one small slice of pie on holiday)
  • Consume serving amounts suggested on mypyramid.gov

The Pros to Cardio and Strength Training

Challenge your friends to be healthy! Add ThinStick to the challenge to help conrol your dessert cravings around the holidays!

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