Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Will You Choose?

Many cereal companies try to trick buyers by putting labels on the boxes such as, "No Cholesterol!", "Natural Fruit Flavors", "Whole Grains", "Corn", "Fruit-Flavored", or "Corn Puffs". Watch out for this kind of labeling! They really may have used whole grain, but look at the sugar content. We read "Corn" or "Fruit" or "Wheat" or "Bran" and automatically relate each to health...don't be so easily persuaded. They may be using artificial fruit, or using only part of the grain not the whole grain. The label "No Cholesterol" on cereal is pathetic..of course it doesn't contain cholesterol, only animal products do!

This may sound like common sense but really there are still so many individuals out there that do not know this stuff!

Another marketing tool is using a "character" or "slogan" for kids. We've all heard, "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!" But are these sugary cereals really for...anybody? To me they are more of a treat and definitely not something I would eat for breakfast!

Now let's talk about healthy ideas for breakfast..lately I've been eating a lot of Nature's Path Organic "Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon" cereal. When I first came upon Nature's Path cereals, my reaction was, "These are disgusting and taste like cardboard!" but I had only given one kind a chance. They have so many choices and they really are healthy! The bonus is I can eat smaller amounts and be full where other cereals it takes more to fill me up. It's high in fiber, whole grain, and low in sugar. This is a company I trust.

And of course I must suggest something besides cereal...ThinStick Shake!

Bright Banana Blue: 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, 1/4 teaspoon fresh or powdered ginger, 8 oz. skim milk, 1 scoop Thinstick Shake.

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